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Want Marketplaces ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Want Marketplaces Token / Coin?

WANT Marketplaces runs a global ecosystem of B2B, B2C, O2O, C2C hyperlocal, social, private groups and secure messaging based e Commerce marketplaces powered by the benipal shopping search engine, a relational contextual image, voice and text based search engine.With WANT and Benipal Marketplaces, we have a vision to control the lifecycle of a product, from its first sale by the manufacturer to the distributor to its further sale to a wholesaler, onwards to a online retailer or a local store and finally its last sale as a used product.B2B Trading is a Trillion Dollar business in the United States alone and we aim to provide our B2B solutions not just in the United States, but globally, in India and also SE Asia with our already live Android marketplaces on the Play Store.Our B2C products will also serve the same markets and our O2O product, already live on the Google Play Store will focus on India and SE Asia and Latin America. Our C2C marketplace is launching shortly and our iOS, we versions are under development.At the heart of our marketplaces is our core shopping search engine technology, in continuous development since 2009 and able to perform highly complex contextual, relational Image, Text and Voice based search.

Price: 0.4000 USD
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Sukhbir Benipal
Start: 2019-09-27
End: 2019-12-31
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November 2019

Open New York Office.

November 2019 – January 2020

Senior level Hiring for India, U.S and Global operations.
Positions based in New York and India.

December 2019

Open India Call Center and Office.
Begin Marketing for B2B Android Marketplaces in India.

February 2020

Begin Marketing for O2O Android Marketplaces in India
Launch iOS versions of all Marketplaces.

March 2020

Open Phoenix, AZ Call Center for United States B2B Sales
Start marketing for United States B2B marketplace on iOS
Launch web versions of all Marketplaces.

April 2020

Open Philippines based Call Center.
Open Singapore based Office.
Begin Marketing for O2O Android, iOS, Web Marketplaces in SE Asia.
Begin Marketing for beni – C2C marketplace in India.

May 2020

Begin marketing for Global B2B Marketplace – WANT on Android, iOS and Web.
Begin marketing beni – C2C marketplace in United States.
Launch Crypto Marketplace – Road Globally.

June 2020

Begin Advertising for beni – C2C Marketplace in SE Asia on iOS, Android and Web.
Launch WANT – B2C marketplace in India on Android.
Launch High end Fashion focused marketplace in United States.

July 2020

Launch B2C Marketplace in SE Asia on iOS, Android and Web.
Launch O2O Marketplace in Latin America.

August 2020

Launch WANT – B2C Marketplace in United States on iOS, Android, Web.

September 2020

Launch want local – O2O Marketplace in United States on iOS, Android, Web.

October 2020

Setup London Office.
Launch U.K and Europe Operations for WANT – B2C Marketplace, want local – O2O Marketplace and beni – C2C Marketplace on iOS, Android and Web.
Launch High end Fashion focused Marketplace in U.K, Germany, France.

November 2021

Benipal S.A. lists one subsidiary on OTC, AIM or Singapore exchange via reverse merger.

Price0.4000 USD
Tokens For Sale100,000,000
Min. Investment:100 USD
Accepting:BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR
Average Rating: 3.3


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