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VOSAI ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is VOSAI Token / Coin?

VOSAI, which translates to “Your AI” in Latin, is a democratically controlled artificial general intelligence (AGI) for image classification and natural language processing backed by distributed compute and blockchain.The worlds FIRST machine learning infrastructure where miners earn substantially more over all other cryptocurrencies because they actually perform machine learning instead of just validating a currency transaction!Leveraging the power of GPU-intensive mining rigs on the World Computer, VOSAI has the potential to be the most powerful computational network ever created. The intent, purposes, direction, features and enhancements of the AGI will be determined by the VOSAI community which includes learners (miners), developers, data providers, data validators and customers. In essence, VOSAI is an AGI for the people, by the people.

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Adam Smith
Start: 2018-07-04
End: 2019-01-01
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2004-2018 Highly Distributed AI Computing Research

This research included the application of modern day enterprise software architectures for distributed and decentralized computing as it relates to Artificial Intelligence applications. The results of this research indicated the need and demand for a highly distributed and decentralized infrastructure that would be needed to support an AGI. More specifically, the software architectures needed to support the varying hardware required for proper AGI functionality including CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, DPUs and FPGA were taken into account for this research.

2006 Neural Network based Anti-Virus and Network Inrusion Research

This research included the application of artificial neural networks (ANN) as it could be applied to common enterprise problems. In this case, virus detection and network intrusion applications of ANN were explored. The results of this research showed successfully that ANN can be applied to effectively reduce, remove and ultimately rid most networks of computer viruses and network intrustion by inspecting the network at that packet level while acting as a proxy.

2008 Neural Networks and its Applications to Natural Language Processing Research

This research included the application of artificial neural networks (ANN) as it relates to natural language processing. The research was focused primarily on the written English language and deviated from commonly used NLP techniques in that the prototypes created used pure stimulus / response tuples combined with graphs and ANN to support the NLP.

2011 Cognitive & Neural Science Applications for AI Research

This research included collaboration with scientists from both Cognitive and Neural sciences. The objective of this research was to pattern match between the biological and the technological worlds in an attempt to bridge the gaps for a successful AGI. The results of this research showed that the software architecture directly pattern matched to that of the human mind structures and known processes.

2014-2018 Product Market Fit valudidation with real world customers

The Product Market fit for an AGI was explored in various industries including healthcare, construction, agriculture and law enforcement. The results proved that the industry most likely to adopt this technology at a rapid rate would be Construction and Agriculture.

2015 Draft Architecture and Technology Design for AGI

Initial draft prototypes, architecture and schematics were developed and peer reviewed over the course of the year to validate all assumptions and previous research.

2016 Initial AGI Whitepapers released for Scientic Community Peer Review

Initial draft white papers were developed surrounding the concept of an AGI without the portions related to decentralization. This was done by design to focus on the primary target of the AGI. Once this was reviewed and approved we progressed onward to include a decentralized approach mixed with a hybrid infrastructure until decentralization could offer all the requirements needed for the AGI.

2017 Release Candidate Whitepapers released for a Decentralized AGI

Release candidate white papers released for community and peer review which included the AGI, the computational whitepaper for its infrastructure and the decentralized components of the system as it relates to leverage a custom blockchain specific to VOSAI – that being PATHWAY.

2018 Final Release of Whitepapers

Final community feedback and legal approval of all whitepapers as it relates to the PreSale for VOSAI. This have been posted publicly on our website and can be consumed by anyone for comment.

2018 Legal Preparation

This included the creation of the VOSAI legal entity as well as preparation for securities law. The result of this is an official U.S. Securities offering as per Reg D 506.c for U.S. (included New York) based investors together with a Reg S offering for non-U.S. persons.

2018 Mining Pool owner Collaboration

This collaboration including Nice Hash, Ant Pool and Genisys Mining pools for feedback and consensus to work together in the coming year as the network is developed. This would ensure their mining community would have first stabs at this technology ultimately allowing their miners to maximize their earning potential.

2018 Presale

Official launch of the VOSAI Presale to world wide accredited investors.

2019 Initial Network Launch

We expect to launch the VOSAI network and its related components after the 13 month from the close of the VOSAI Presale.

Price0.0000 USD
Tokens For Sale215,000,000
Min. Investment:10 ETH
Accepting:ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap15,000,000 USD
Hard Cap100,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 4.1


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