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Volum ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Volum Token / Coin?

VOLUM maximizes investment value and stability through its holding company structure. VOLUM invests in portfolio companies that currently possess, or have the ability to easily create, long-term asset value. This offers VOLUM investors diversification across multiple companies and industries. This platform is completely revolutionary and gives companies greater organizational and oversight capabilities than they have ever had before. With the VOLUM blockchain platform, companies can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, all the data activity that happens on their supply chains. All of the data will be locked into the PLATFORM which can be trusted and verified at any point during operations.The end result of using the VOLUM platform is that companies will have the power to scale from local to global markets much faster, and they will have much greater control of their supply chains. This is good for everyone.Our blockchain platform operates as the one central location for your business supply chain operation. Companies who use this platform will be able to carry out a wide range of blockchain transactions including:PaymentsRewardsPurchase OrdersLegal ContractsRegulatory ComplianceTaxationShipment ManagementLetters of OriginCustoms DocumentsInputs/Outputs and Inventory OrderingDelivery/Parcel TrackingIoT Monitoring and ReportingBig Data AnalyticsInputs and End-Product Tracking/Traceability

Price: 0.3500 USD
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Alonzo Pierce
Start: 2019-05-11
End: 2019-05-31
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Q1 2019

Build VOLUM Platform MVP.
Token generation event.

Q2 2019

Close token generation event.
Trial of the VOLUM platform before public release.
Launch and onboarding of first companies to the VOLUM platform for pilot program.
Airtab token implementation for Airtab App.
Develop milestone program for investment in each portfolio company.

Q3 2019

Start 2nd stage of development of the VOLUM platform.
Implement remaining features and additional content to the platform.
Onboard new companies and expand the use of the VOLUM platform.

Q4 2019

Implementation of milestone program for the investments in portfolio companies.
Business and financial licenses submission for ACME Financial.
Blueprint development of blockchain architecture for ERS and GridPower Network.
Smart contract development for ACME Financial.
VOLUM platform marketing campaign to attract new businesses.
Expansion of Airtab to European and Asian markets.

Q1 2020

1st stage of blockchain ecosystem development starts for ERS and GridPower Network.
Prepare and package VOLUM platform for BETA release.
Business setup and approval of the financial licenses and permits for the international financial entity in Puerto Rico.

Q2 2020

2nd stage of development of blockchain ecosystem for portfolio companies.
MVP trial of the blockchain ecosystem for portfolio companies.
Full release of all features on the VOLUM platform 2.0.
Revisions of VOLUM portfolio companies and assess progress of 2019 and their course.

Price0.3500 USD
Tokens For Sale236,800,000
Restriction AreaUSA, China
Soft Cap1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap74,600,000 USD
Average Rating: 3.4


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