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Venus ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Venus Token / Coin?

A Worldwide Decentralized Social Networking Site.In the light of the fact that data privacy is the biggest concern, we are proud to launch Broomstickk as the safest socializing experience to people at large.It not only operates on its own blockchain system but also has its own currency – VENUS.We at Broomstickk will make it possible for people to use cryptocurrency in their day to day life as we are merging the world of Social Media, e-commerce, Gaming and much more for an exquisite experience for the consumers, influencers and brands.

Price: 1,239.9021 USD
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Boris Otonicar
Start: 2018-10-30
End: 2018-11-29
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Venus is new currency of Broomstickk

Venus is integrated in social network called Broomstickk for giving reward to content creators, Artists. And its unique grid makes storage of media & data possible.

Broomstickk –
Broomstickk is a content sharing platform based on the blockchain technology Provide incentives for content providers and communicators. We will form our own community, and have an independent currency Venus

Mission &Vision –
Broomstickk aims to be the leading video & data sharing social networking website. We want to decentralize video & blog content to give value to creators and contributors using Venus underlying blockchain & Grid based Nodes.


The Masternode system is the heart of the social network and the storage service that VENUS will offer to the community. It is powered by two elements, the VENUS and the CDN network DApp which efficiently fulfils an increasingly demand of storage and bandwidth request.

The Masternode network works as a storage system which maintains the social network by making the platform more efficient and sustainable, through the management of unused Masternodes.

The VENUS gets their value through the VENUS Masternode ecosystem which offers users the possibility of renting or subletting their own Masternodes. The system functions in a similar way as the STORJ project where users can lend their storage space to other users.

All users who support the Social Network Masternodes system will be rewarded with a monthly amount of VENUS. This is a great incentive tool that will improve the functionality of the system. The user enjoys peace of mind by knowing that the VENUS are secured in their personal account.

Masternodes are a complete game changer in the social networking space. We have developed our own Masternodes with no setup needed, while other projects in the same space use weaker technology and therefore they need to charge for people to upload content in the social network, but for us, it will be easier. The more users join the network, the more Master nodes are locked up. There are strong incentives to have Masternodes, such as our reward program, so we believe that crypto projects that have these will see more appreciation in their value in the next few years.

Broomstickk and Venus Eco system

Broomstickk Social Network & Venus Economy

Having a working product is important for the value of the token from both the content creators’ perspective and the viewer’s perspective. We will not give away Venus for free. Instead, both content creators and contributors will have to earn them by engaging on the platform. We will encourage people to produce high quality content and through that, they will rank highly. This will further encourage holding the coin for longer periods of time. These actions will eventually lead to the improved value of Broomstickk social networks and avoid Venus Dilution.

The Venus coin are the currency of the Broomstickk social network, this will permit users to buy special listings for their channel and videos. Users will also be able to offer their personal channel adspace in exchange for Venus and others cryptos. This ad space will cost more in higher level user pages, this will benefit those high-level users, giving them the incentive to earn even more. Additionally, users will be able to buy special features for their personal channel including avatar customization, channel preferences, channel themes, and more.



1. Announcement to existing users of Broomstickk & Backup of Data >> 1 Month

2. Venus Masternodes & grids creation for Broomstickk >>3 Month

3. Development of GRID & API > 4 Month

4. Implementation & testing of GRID & API >> 2 Month

5. Consensus algorithm creation for users voting >> 2 Month

6. Integration of everything and Beta release of BroomStickk >> 6 Month

7. Beta of Broomstickk Platform >> 2 Months

8. Feedback & improvements >> 1 Month

9. Bug Bounty Announcement >> 2 Month

10. Final BroomStickk Release >> 2 Month

1st Month 2019

Announcement to existing users of Broomstickk & Backup of Data.
Broomstickk existing user base is 1.5M users

3rd Month 2019

Venus Master-nodes & grids creation for Broomstickk.

4th Month 2019

Development of GRID & API.

6th Month 2019

Implementation & testing of GRID & API,.

8th Month 2019

Consensus algorithm creation for users voting.

7th Months 2019

Beta of Broomstickk Platform.

8th Month 2019

Feedback & improvements.

9th Months 2019

Beta of Broomstickk Platform.

10th Month 2019

Bug Bounty Announcement.

11th Month 2019

Integration of everything and Beta release of Broomstickk.

12th month 2019

Final Broomstickk Release.

Price1,239.9021 USD
Tokens For Sale300,000,000
Restriction AreaUSA, China
Min. Investment:100 USD
Accepting:BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
Soft Cap9100000 USD
Hard Cap45100000 USD
Average Rating: 4.0


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