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Truwho ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Truwho Token / Coin?

TruWho is redefining the world of “KYC as a service.” Our radically new approach to “Know Your Customer” and ‘“Anti-Money Laundering” are built on our sophisticated, secure, and intuitive proprietary platform. Putting the power of your identity back in your hands while still lowering the cost for both businesses and individuals.Removing friction for users and businesses alike, TruWho is a platform full of features you will wonder how you ever lived without.With services all over the world requiring AML and KYC data from their customers, the end result is the same. Your sensitive identification information such as your personal ID, passports, and home address are stored by numerous parties all over the world while you retain no control over them. Simply because a company is great at offering a trading exchange, does not mean they are experts in storing sensitive verification documents. TruWho aims to remedy this and many other issues facing the handling of identity verification in a secure, tech-forward solution. TruID and WHO Token will become essential tools for both B2B and peer to peer groups when looking to verify, transmit or secure sensitive personal information.With a TruID you will be able to sign into multiple partner platforms with a single username and password resulting in instant verification.As a customer – no more long waiting periods or re-gathering and submitting your documents. As a business – faster onboarding, increased trust, and built in friction-free user base. As a TruWho user you will also have the peace of mind that your information and documents are stored with a secure, trusted U.S. based company and that you are able to destroy or revoke access to your information with ease if desired. TruWho offers ‘Anonymous Verification,’ allowing participating partners or peers to see that you have been verified while only passing non-identifying information to the third party, protecting your privacy.Natively offering multiple levels of verification from Bronze all the way up to Diamond, we have developed a robust system that remains flexible enough to meet your needs. TruID and WHO tokens – the future of verification is now.

Price: 0.2000 USD
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Zachary Matar
Start: 2018-09-15
End: 2019-01-21
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2018 Sept 15th

Presale Begins
Truwho opens WHO token presale, limited to 8 million tokens.
Verification Platform
Truwho launches its verification platform to the public.
Partnership with Dropil
Dropil will implement KYC via a partnership with Truwho.

Oct 19th

Public Sale Begins
Truwho opens the public sale.

Jan 21st

ICO Sale Ends
ICO sale of tokens ends. No more tokens will be available for purchase. Directly following the ICO there will be a short audit period and then distribution of all tokens purchased or earned during the ICO.

2019 Jan Q1

Exchange Listings
Following the end of the ICO, the WHO token will be listed on exchanges.
New Partnerships
Our team continues to adopt new partners to our TruPartner platform.

2019 Q2

Diamond Verification
Our diamond verification status becomes available to the public.
Automated Partner Onboarding
Partners will be able to sign up, deposit tokens, and automatically start using the Trupartner platform.

Price0.2000 USD
Tokens For Sale450,000,000
Restriction AreaUSA
Accepting:BTC, ETH
Soft Cap2,000,000 USD
Hard Cap60,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 3.3


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