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QURAS ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is QURAS Token / Coin?

QURAS is a platform for secret contracts and crypto-tokens that utilize the blockchain technology to facilitate a secure anonymous platform. By using the QURAS platform, anyone who wants to utilize big data for various purposes can either use the QURAS token directly or create and operate his/her secret smart contracts on the Quras blockchain. By enabling private transactions of tokens on QURAS blockchain, complete anonymity is gained, without traceability. All private information is protected with the use of a secret contract. Also, we are developing a file storage system for the keeping of the private information which is obtained through DApps and secret contracts.With the tagline “Privacy 2.0”, QURAS platform is aiming to provide robust privacy protection, but not just that. Our long-term vision is to develop big data protection, a cross-chain that can respond to flexible payments, privacy-focused operating system, and DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) cryptocurrency.QURAS project will hold an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) from September 30, 2019, till October 30, 2019. The IEO will be held on the IDCM exchange.

Price: 0.0798 USD
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Start: 2019-09-30
End: 2019-10-30
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Q1 2017

Began Concept creation and DApps development.

Q2 2017

Began Concept creation and DApps development.

Q3 2017

Began development of blockchain and smart contract.

Q1 2018

Completed development of blockchain and smart contract.
Began implementation of Zero-Knowledge Proof in blockchain engine.

Q2 2018

Began wallet development for windows, mac, web, and iOS.

Q3 2018

Began development of Decentralized Wallet for QURAS DApps.
Began development of Block Explorer.

Q4 2018

Began implementation of Ring signature in blockchain engine.
Completed implementing Zero-Knowledge Proof in blockchain engine.

Q1 2019

Began development of transaction fee reduction system to token manager.
Completed implementing Zero-Knowledge Proof into smart contract transaction.
Test launched wallet for Mac, Windows, Web.
Test launched Block explorer.
Began implementing Ring signature into blockchain engine.
Test launched QURAS blockchain.
White paper renewed.

Q2 2019

Established Business development department for the project.

Q3 2019

Completed implementing Ring signature into blockchain engine.
Decided ticker and basic unit.
Complete implementing Ring signature into smart contract transaction.
Complete transaction fee system for XQS, XQG.
Implementing Ring signature into smart contract transaction (will complete within 2019 3Q).
Complete adjustable smart contract fee system.

Q4 2019

Complete adjustable smart contract fee feature.
Complete token fee sharing.
Code audit begin for blockchain engine, smart contract, and wallet, block explorer.

Q1 2020

Test Launch of QURAS DApps.
Launch Quras Blockchain on main net.
Begin implementing Zero-Knowledge Proof and Ring signature for other features of smart contract.

Q2 2020

Begin development for faster encryption.
Begin development for anonimity with administrator.
Test launch File Storage.
Begin development for transaction staking.

Q3 2020

Begin development for Cross-chain.

PlatformSeparate blockchain
TypeOwn Blockchain
Price0.0798 USD
Restriction AreaUSA, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Vanuatu, Yemen, Sudan
Average Rating: 3.5


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