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OPP Open WiFi ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is OPP Open WiFi Token / Coin?

OPP Open WiFi is a community driven service with the sole purpose of creating a global, free to access open WiFi hotspot network and rewarding each contributor for being a part of our cause.There are close to 2.5 billion smartphone users globally, 80% of which are active on social media.Wi-Fi access has become part of our daily lives. Yet amazingly 76% of us frequently find ourselves in a position where access is not available, or where access is blocked by a demand for payment.From those 2.5 billion people we aim to recruit 25 million people like you over the next 4 years to join our community of “Hotspot Hosts”. Together we can build a free to access, open and secure global decentralised WiFi hotspot which will have a positive effect on the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people.Our Hotspot Hosts are people like you who pay for mobile data, pay for WiFi access at their homes or at their place of work. Our research shows that more than 80% of us do not use all the data.

Price: 0.4000 USD
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Martin Regan
Start: 2018-07-14
End: 2018-08-14
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July 2018

Start Pre-sale
Establish Telegram community
Expand existing social community
Engage PR
Launch GitHub
Publish smart contract address
Share details of prototype

August 2018

Public Sale
Register with exchanges
Beta test Smartphone App
Develop Dashboard functionality
Establish contact with advertisers

September 2018

Launch Smartphone App
Despatch routers
Beta test affliliate retail links

October 2018

Launch dashboard
Expand team to handle increased traffic from Hotspot Hosts
Finalise deals with affiliate partners
Establish deals with advertisers for push notifications
Start Hotspot referral program
Initiate marketing activity to recruit Hotspot Hosts

Nov – Dec 2018

100.000 Hotspot Hosts
Launch online retail experience
Fully functionality of dashboard
Expand digital marketing

1st Quarter 2019

Launch OPP credit card
250.00 Hotspot Hosts
Quick exchange functionality added to Dashboard
Further team expansion to support Hotspot Host community
Continued Marketing to reach more Hotspot Hosts

Price0.4000 USD
Tokens For Sale142,000,000
Restriction AreaNone
Min. Investment:300 USD
Accepting:BTC, ETH, Fiat
Soft Cap4,000,000 USD
Hard Cap40,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 4.4


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