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NETZERO ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is NETZERO Token / Coin?

NETZ is developed by the team that over 36 years has partaken in over 200 successful projects with zero defaults, at a cost of $30 billion in project finance capital. NETZ is now introducing their NETZ Coin, a 2.0 Generation Security token. NETZ enables open access to all Investors into high yielding of Energy Power Plants, which has historically only been accessible to Multibillion Energy Corporations and Funds.NETZ invests in and develops Green Energy Power Plants within Waste to Energy and Aquaculture with underlying collateral and highly profitable Renewable Energy Assets (ESG – Profitable Impact Investments), which gives NETZ a tangible real world asset value in contrast to other crypto currencies.Unlike other Crypto Currencies, NETZ doesn’t rely on the value of it’s NETZ currency to provide returns to investors. When the NETZ Roadmap of 17 Power Plants has been built out and are in operation, the real world Enterprises/Asset Value will be $5.5 billion.

Price: 1.4500 USD
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Mark Friedler
Start: 2018-10-20
End: 2018-12-20
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Pre development completed

Net Zero Enterprises has spent the 3 last years and close to $20,000,000 to pre develop the 17 projects to a CAPEX of $1.7B and stabilized asset value of $6.5B. All projects have all permits, fully insured and guaranteed to be delivered on budget and with the right performance.

The money is already spent and the job is completed, next step is to finalize the development of these highly appreciating assets.

$100 million term sheet

Recently received a $100 million conditional term sheet. The funds are released once we raised an additional $25 million.

Roadmap general

Initial phase of projects will generate an asset value of $1.7 billion and $197 million in yearly cash flow. 50% is intended to be reinvested and therefore both the asset value and the free cash flow will increase with 50% every year.
Which means the following: Cash flow will start 6 months after the initial capital injection. Estimated asset value in 2019 is +$900 million with a cash flow of $99 million.

2019: The revenue is estimated to reach $99 million.

Year Asset Value EBITDA
2020 $1.7 billion $197 million
2021 $5.5 billion $610 million
2022 $8.35 billion $918 million
2023 $12.56 billion $1.38 billion
2024 $18.87 billion $2.07 billion


NetZero commits to buy back Tokens with an additional Premium.

Year Token Value + %
1st Year Token Value + 15%
2nd Year Token Value + 35%
3rd Year Token Value + 65%
4th Year Token Value + 85%
5th Year Token Value + 100%

NETZ Fundamentals

Establish a token that will leverage the fully risk mitigated, highly profitable and disruptive technologies of the Net Zero Enterprise’s project portfolio.
Establish a token that will be backed and based by fast appreciating assets that also generates high continuous cash flows.
Establish a token that will have a additional exit possibility in the form of an optional buy back program.
Continuously and exponentially contribute to solving five of the major problems in the worlds, through utilization of disruptive and commercially proven technologies that generate employment opportunities, renewable and sustainable solutions, and highly dividend generating assets with high appreciation.
Reinvest 50% of the proceeds in new assets (gives exponential growth based on the the type of asset we invest in) and distribute the remaining 50% to the token holders on an ongoing basis.
Only invest in projects /asset development that has qualified for the Net Zero Enterprises proprietary underwriting model.
Fully risk mitigated and fully insured (through AON) projects that are protected against budget overruns, output below guaranteed performance, political and country specific risks, financial loss, and many more.
Guaranteed revenue by long term (usually 25 – 30 years) purchase agreements that usually has sovereign guarantees. The revenue is further guaranteed by revenue insurances though AON.
Every project will have a minimum of 25% IRR (yearly return) and distributes quarterly dividends to its shareholders.

Price1.4500 USD
Tokens For Sale400,000,000
Restriction AreaUSA
Min. Investment:1 ETH
Accepting:ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP
Soft Cap5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap374,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 3.7


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