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Monster Byte ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Monster Byte Token / Coin?

Monster Byte is a licensed B2B blockchain iGaming operator who provides an end to end compliant solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and existing gaming operators. Monster Byte offers Provably Fair Games, a risk-free Sportsbook, a cryptocurrency “bankroll as a service” and wallet solutions in both direct API access or custom-built white-label offerings.

Price: 0.0750 USD
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Tim Walters
Start: 2019-08-20
End: 2019-09-01
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Q2 2020

Adding to Monster Byte’s suite of Provably Fair Games, we will add 3-Card Poker and Caribbean Stud for both our B2B offering, and on

Q1 2020

Leveraging various connections in our advisory board, Monster Byte will seek to partner with established and licensed lottery providers offering this an additional add-on product to our B2B product suite. In addition, we will continue to add to our Provably Fair Games adding the popular Asian Dice Game, Sic-Bo.

December 2019

Monster Byte will build and launch an innovative Provably Fair Slot game. In addition, expanding beyond our current license, we will work diligently to acquire a UK Gaming License which will open up new jurisdictions to leverage our innovative gaming software.

October 2019

Monster Byte will officially launch our marquee direct to consumer licensed gaming portal. This new portal will not just be an excellent showcase of all our different products, but users in supported jurisdictions will be able to play with 8 different cryptocurrencies, centered around our new EOS based Monster Byte token (MBT) once it launches.

September 2019

Monster Byte has identified several well-respected and licensed exchanges where we will conduct our initial rounds of our token offering. In addition, we are looking to engage with a single exchange in a games partnership where we would build them a licensed game portal as a complementary extension to their exchange branded with their look and feel.

July 2018

Monster Byte updates its Sportsbook product to include a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence hedging engine under the covers, allowing operators to run their own Sportsbook risk-free.

January 2018

Monster Byte acquires the rich and full-featured cryptocurrency wallet

November 2017

Monster Byte publishes its set of secure Provably Fair Casino restful APIs, the first commercially available on the market.

July 2017

Monster Byte transformed from a direct to consumer business into the wholesale b2b iGaming industry by white-labeling it’s initial Casino and Sportsbook platform

Price0.0750 USD
Tokens For Sale200,000,000
Restriction AreaUSA, Canada
Accepting:BTC, EOS, TRX, LTC, ETH
Soft Cap2250000 USD
Hard Cap15,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 4.0


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