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Mineberg ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Mineberg Token / Coin?

BitWare Group Limited UK is a technological group of 45 world’s best engineers and 5 laboratories focused on IoT, Blockchain, AI and Machine Learning.Mineberg – is a trademark of BitWare Group that will provide own-production, low-margin, life-time dedicated Bitcoin mining capacities world-wide.Own manufacture and maintain process allows to reduce capital and operational expenses, providing supercomputer clusters’ best for cryptocurrency networks service.Mineberg Immersion Mining Center’s minimal hosting rate is $0.02 per kWh. We offer 1 TH/s for 40$, providing lowest entry threshold on the market.Project’s fund constantly increases total computing power and distributes it among the coinholders, ensuring a guaranteed level of bitcoin production.Coinholders are able to convert Bitcoin to Fiat through our own Bitcoin exchange.

Price: 1.0000 USD
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Start: 2018-11-01
End: 2018-12-01
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Production of the Miners

First stage:
Production of Mineberg 14nm BTC Immersion Miner – (Industrialisation and machine supply).
Production of HPC equipment Mineberg HPC Server, Stratix 10 FPGA+HBM2 Immersion machine for HPC and AI – (Industrialisation and machine supply).
Mineberg 20MW GreenHouse (Office, Gas Power Stations, Mining equipment, GreenHouse).
Results of the 1st stage: 2 type of low-margin solutions for industrial mining BTC Miners and HPC Servers for High-Performance Computing are ready.
Immersion center building schedule:
Softcap – 1 module of Mineberg IC with total 1 MWt capacity will be launched
Midcap – 10 modules of Mineberg IC with total 10 MWt capacity will be launched
Hardcap – 20 modules of Mineberg GreenHouse with total 20 MWt capacity will be launched.

ASIC development and production

The release of a chip for Bitcoin mining – 7nm BTC ASIC (IC, IP, TSMC lithography and prototype);
Release of co-processor for HPC acceleration ASIC+HBM2 (System in Package rototype – SiP);
Mass production of HPC co-processors and mining chips for 7nm BTC ASIC.
The results of the second stage: ASIC microcircuit for industrial mining 7nm BTC and a coprocessor to accelerate machine learning and robotic systems.
Additional emission
In the process of developing the project, Mineberg will have new capacities that will be reflected through the additional release of a batch of coins and placing them on the exchange. In total, after the implementation of three stages of additional emission, the total capacity of the immersion center will be 170 MW.
$10M – 25 Mineberg modules with a total capacity of 20 MW.
$20M – 50 Mineberg GreenHouse modules with a total capacity of 50 MW.
$35M – 80 Mineberg GreenHouse modules with a total capacity of 80 MW

Price1.0000 USD
Tokens For Sale30,000,000
Restriction AreaNone
Min. Investment:1 USD
Accepting:BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap500,000 USD
Hard Cap8,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 2.6


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