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H&B Exchange Token ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is H&B Exchange Token Token / Coin?

HnB Exchange Token is a token issued by H&B Exchange.H&B Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange that has commenced its services from August 2019, in the region of Malta.Our aim is to deliver an easily-accesible cryptocurrency-investing experience to users worldwide, by developing a mechanism able to be utilized by users of all countries to trade on the exchange market.Our goal is to become one of the world’s most convenient cryptocurrency exchanges.Furthermore, we will distribute Airdrops of the cryptocurrencies listed on our exchange to each and every user who participates in our exchange.

Price: 0.0007 USD
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Start: 2020-02-05
End: 2020-02-10
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Q1 2019

– Planning of Referral Program

– Planning of Arbitrage System

2Q/3Q 2019

– Pre-Opening of H&B Exchange

– Commence Airdrops

– Upgrade of Wallet System

– Testing of Wallet System

– Start Development of Referral Program (Revenue Rights)

– Start Development of Arbitrage System

Q4 2019

– Upgrade of Wallet System

– Start Development of Gambling Content

– Start HBXT IEO

– Commence Trading of HBXT

– End of Guaranteed Purchase, Burning of Guaranteed HBXT

H1 2020

– Official Opening of H&B Exchange

– Start Dividends Distribution System

– Start Providing White Label Services

– Start Development of Voting System for Listed Cryptocurrencies

– Testing of Referral Program (Revenue Rights)

– Start of Referral Program (Revenue Rights)

H2 2020

– Commence of Arbitrage System

– Start of Independent Investing

– Start Development of ICO Ranking Website System

– Start of ICO Ranking Website

– Start Development of IEO System

– Commence of Gamble Content

– Commence of IEO

– Start of Distribution of Content Earnings

– Commence Voting Service of Listed Cryptocurrencies

– Provide Deposit/Withdrawal System of Pegged Currency
with Fiat via Associated Companies

– Start Development of Deposit/Withdrawal System of
Pegged Currency with Fiat

– Start of Deposit/Withdrawal of Pegged Currency with Fiat

Price0.0007 USD
Tokens For Sale100,000,000
Accepting:ETH, BTC, Fiat
Average Rating: 2.3


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