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Gominer Token ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Gominer Token Token / Coin?

Milestones 1 DEC 2017 Company FoundationOur company started from scratch till the bloom of cryptocurrency, through experience, we understand every detail and the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. Gominer is dedicated about the business and providing best services, through this, we assure every client to deliver quality service leading to a smooth and stable guaranteed […]

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Josh Daniel Leris
Start: 2019-09-14
End: 2019-12-28
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DEC 2017

Company Foundation
Our company started from scratch till the bloom of cryptocurrency, through experience, we understand every detail and the ups and downs of cryptocurrency. Gominer is dedicated about the business and providing best services, through this, we assure every client to deliver quality service leading to a smooth and stable guaranteed profit.

Q1 & Q2 2018

Research and Development
The 1st and 2nd quarter of 2018 was used to create the foundation of the company in achieving its goal to be the largest cloud mining company in the crypto industry. This phase focuses on building the company’s bread and butter. A hardware that will be capable of producing hashrate that is competitive to the other brands and software that is versatile to the ever changing difficulty of mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.

Q3 2018

Business Partnership
Gominer is dedicated to create an impact to crypto currency eco-system, achieving this goal is not possible without the partnership with some of the important company. The company Intelligently selected partners that will support the operation and the services. Partners from energy associated company up to the smallest distributors, supplier and merchants is guaranteed monitored to be helpful to the company and to all the user.

Q4 2018

Launching and Production
Earlier part of this quarter the Procurement and Purchasing department is completed the materials and parts for the production of the Gominer ASIC, So the GMX-R1 is now rolling in the production.

The last quarter of 2018, the team on different department of Gominer completed their specific project from the security, programming to the small function of the platform. By this quarter of the year the platform and Gominer token is released.

January 2019

Token Seed Round
Gominer seed round started with the amount of 4.4 Billion GT. For the purpose of early investor and benefit of additional funding. The token seed round also help the testing of the platform for early bugs or error. Token seed round help to fund.

February 2019

Block Explorer
The release of Gominer Block explorer for more transparency of all the token transaction within the platform, this helps the user to track or confirm all the transaction whether purchasing a service from the platform or sending and receiving token from other user.

March 2019

Web Platform Security Upgrade
Platform security is upgraded as for preparation for all additional services. The platform security must be updated for all the bugs and error before the Launching of the cloud mining, this update is crucial and important for all the user, and even much more important for the platform itself. Gominer invested in security to make sure all the user account is safe and trusted.

April 2019

Launch of Cloud Mining
Gominer launch the first token based cloud mining. Gominer mining is powered with advance Multi-mining Algorithm and a dedicated mining hardware that developed by the company to sustain and elevate the market of cryptocurrency cloud mining. Gominer cloud mining is designed with experienced and understanding experts to understand the needs of the user to improve and deliver great user experience.

May 2019

Gominer Platform
Rollout of the additional feature for the platform;

Web Staking Wallet is added to the platform for additional way to increase the value of the token, and at the same time give the user additional way to earn from the token they purchased.
Window & Android App released, the application is created to help the user navigate the platform much easier wherever, whenever they needed.
The GMX Mining Pool will launch its own dedicated mining pool with the latest shared mining technology that’s support a wide variety of Mining hardware. Block Channeling System is one of the pride of GMX Mining Pool.
Crowd Funding Announcement

September – October 2019

Token and Asic Presale
The 1st round of Gominer Token Release with 1,000,000,000 Token Supply.
GMX-R1 is the latest ASIC developed by Gominer, powered with Advance Algorithm to give the user an advantage. The asic will be release for Pre-Sale, Special introductory price will be set for all the participant buyer.
The 2nd round of Gominer Token Release with 500,000,000 Token Supply.

October – November 2019

Token Presale
The 3rd round of Gominer Token Release with 250,000,000 Token Supply.
The 4th round of Gominer Token Release with 125,000,000 Token Supply.
The 5th round of Gominer Token Release with 62,500,000 Token Supply.

December 2019

Token Presale
The 6th round of Gominer Token Release with 31,250,000 Token Supply.
The 7th round of Gominer Token Release with 15,625,000 Token Supply.

November 2019

Initial Exchange Offering
The Initial Exchange Offering will be conducted on the chosen platform of a cryptocurrency exchange company, one of the advantages of IEO is security as it will have a new security based on the exchange platform. as of now everything is under process and will be announced after the final stage of the negotiation between the chosen exchange.

December 2019

GT Internal Exchange
GT Internal Exchange is one of the feature of Gominer platform, On this feature user can conduct their Token trading between users. Trading price is affected by the actions of all the user. Gominer exchange system guaranteed the low cost of trading fee so the user can maximize the trading benefit.

Go Miner Wallet Plus
Instant Asset Convert will support different cryptocurrency to help user convert their asset to Different supported cryptocurrency with a very minimal fee. This Wallet Upgrade will help the circulation of token and help the user to maximize the use of the Gominer wallet.

After supporting additional cryptocurrency Multiple Crypto Payment will be activated as for supplementary way to purchase services and hashpower in Gominer platform.

After the Token Presale new user and current user can only purchase Gominer Token thru GT Internal Exchange.

Q1 2020

Decentralized Cloud Mining
We created a solution to decentralised cloud mining, and we called Gominer Decentralized Mining Algorithm (GDMA). This technology is open source and there’s no company controlling the processes and transaction of cryptocurrency cloud mining. With GMXR1 hash metering system will enable to sell hashpower on the network market, miners have full control and access on their ASICS hash power, this means miners are the one to decide how much renting cost of their ASIC hash power will be. With this concept all miners will get solid returns with less effort and on top of that all data are encrypted and each user controls their own encryption keys. Without the need of any private or central regulation, thus making it a decentralized cloud mining network.

International Bank Compliance
Gominer Debit card is now on application process, upon the approval of the bank user will have the option to have a Gominer Debit card powered by Visa. The debit card will help the user to maximize the use of their account. Third Party exchange listing is also planned to elevate the usage of the GT Token in the market of trading. By 2020 Gominer user will have the advantage and confident using their account internationally.

Q2 2020

Go Miner Expansion
Expansion of territory coverage is included in the priority of Gominer by 2020, Offices and Warehouse is already outlined for the growing company to sustain the demand and for the preparation of the ASIC Store and partnership retailer so that we can cover the demand of the user.

Q3 2020

As for the success of GMX-R1;

Research and Development for the update of the hardware is carefully planned.
Design and Prototyping for the preparation of testing and Production.
Production Planning is teamed with different department to cover all the aspect needed for production, the involvement of different department is important as they will cover the Supply materials upto Production operation and deadlines.
Production Implementation will be monitored closely and supervised upto the completion of the batch supply, this is to meet the target for the upgrade of Gominer Mining Farm.

Q4 2020

Mining Farm Upgrade
GMX-R2 bulk testing for;

Algorithm run test
Power rack management
GMX-R2 Hash Bridge
Mining Performance
Mining Farm upgrade from GMX-R1 to R2 is gradually done to avoid major problem on different aspect. The R1 to R2 upgrade will help maximize the mining performance to help support Gominer in growing market of crypto cloud mining and to help user stabilize the usage of Gominer cloud mining. This is also to future proof the company in Cloud mining ecosystem.

TokenGominer Token / GT
PlatformSeparate blockchain
TypeOwn Platform
Price0.0014 USD
Tokens For Sale450,000,000
Min. Investment:10 USD
Average Rating: 2.9

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