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Gainz Token ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Gainz Token Token / Coin?

The Gainz token platform is a ERC-20 token & Ethereum based smart contract network that currently works with a real FitBit device. Gainz token is “mined” by physical work and distributed when goals are completed. The smart contract technology allows personal trainers and fitness influencers to challenge other influencers in a step/calorie/distance FitBit challenge, winner takes all the tokens on the wager.The Gainz Token network is a blockchain product that you can use to create fitness challenges. The python backend continuously updates from the fitbit servers. The live fitbit continuously pushes data throughout the day. Once the data is on the fitbit servers you can access it from the Fitbit API library once a user inputs their users credentials. Once a user registers with fitbit, you input your users credentials into our platform.Our python code wraps up that fitbit data into a “data frame object” which can be easily used in our smart contract solidity program.

Price: 1 GAINZ = 0.02 USD
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Luke Montoni
Start: 2018-05-14
End: 2018-06-15
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January 2018

GAINZ token and GAINZ Network are founded by Matt
Deatherage and Luke Montoni. The idea to reward large
networks of people through physical work on blockchain has

February 2018

ERC-20 utility Token has been created. White paper, corporate
pitch book, press release has been posted on website for
investors to analyze. Technical and Executive team will make
themselves available for interviews.

March 2018

By March 2018, our product will be ready for ICO or
Commercial sale to a company. We will be working with our
Investors on the best option for the team and company. Our
patent Pending Technology will give us the opportunity to
approach the companies listed within this White Paper.

Summer 2018

Beta version of the GAINZ Network App is launched. This will
provide limited functions, such as a perpetual “TASK” mining
blocks that awards based on miles/steps walked at different
increments. The difficulty is linear, as users must work harder
for each token. Our business development team will continoutly
look for spon.

December 2018

TASKS for influencers are now in full force, as they can now
offer challenges to their followers that they have been accruing
during beta versions. This will record basic level calories and
steps, with different durations, commission rates, and sizes.


One week in cryptocurrency is almost one month of a
regular stock market. It’s 24/7 nature makes it unpredictable
for any business. Our focus in 2019 will be upstream gym
manufacturers, who will eventually lead us to their customers.
Our relationships built in 2019 will work cohesively with our
influencer relationships, as their software systems are now of
very great interest to our influencers.

Price1 GAINZ = 0.02 USD
Tokens For Sale250,000,000
Restriction AreaUSA, China, Iran, North Korea, Syria
Average Rating: 2.8


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