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DigitalBits ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is DigitalBits Token / Coin?

DigitalBits closes the gap of blockchain adoption by integrating with consumer apps – unlocking value in the pockets of millions.DigitalBits is a third generation protocol over the former Stellar network, that shares many of the same benefits, but differs in key aspects that support an enterprise-grade blockchain.By tackling the challenges of useability and mainstream adoption, DigitalBits sets an initial focus on the points economy seeking to enhance the liquidity and utility of these digital assets locked in many applications.The built-in decentralized exchange equipped with multi-hop technology creates a flexible marketplace for consumer assets, such as loyalty points and other non-fungible tokens, facilitating seamless transfer of value.The DigitalBits blockchain launched MainNet in March of 2018 and has already demonstrated that it can drive mass scale adoption. We expect to attain in excess of 20M user accounts in 2019 – furthering the vision of a global token economy. DigitalBits has received multiple early access program (EAP) entrants from some of the largest loyalty and enterprise companies in the world.

Price: 1 XDB = 0.00003 ETH
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Al Burgio
Start: 2018-12-30
End: 2019-04-15
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Tech 2017

Q3 2017 – Hard fork of Stellar Network Initiated;
Q4 2017 – Testnet;

Q1 2018 – Tech

– XDB Explorer: Launch of explorer for transaction searchers on DigitalBits Network;
– Mainnet: DigitalBits mainnet goes lives;
– XDB Portal & XDB Pocket: Launch of wallet and full scale portal designed to access the DigitalBits Network;

Q2 2018 – Partnerships & User Growth & Press

– Gogeco Peer 1 joins DigitalBits partner ecosystem;
– Initial accounts to integrate;
– Bloomberg Recognizes DigitalBits;
– NASDAQ Interview with founder of DigitalBits;

Q3 2018 – Tech & Press

– Wallet creation Service;
– Wallet UI Components for React;
– Additional tools Developed;
– Larry King Panel Interview with founder of DigitalBits & Cardano;
– Developer Portal Launched;
– LOBSTR joins DigitalBits partner ecosystem;
– Forbes recognized DigitalBits

Q4 2018 – Partnerships & User Growth & Press

– DigitalBits hosts LoyaltyLive conference;
– 3.5M User to integrate (commulative);
– Metalife joins DigitalBits partner ecosystem;
– Mobile Wallets beta testing

Q1 2019 – Partnerships & User Growth

– Major Enterprise;
– North American Enterprise Consulting Firm joins DigitalBits partner ecosystem;

Q2 2019 – Tech & Partnerships

– Mobile Wallets released;
– Major brand announcement joining DigitalBits blockchain;
– Launch of the Node Operator Program;
– Announcement of blockchain technology firm joins DigitalBits ecosystem;

Q3 2019 – Partnerships & User Growth & Tech

– Devop Tools;
– Major brand announcement joining DigitalBits blockchain;
– Applied Innovation Lab;
– Payment Gateway Integration;
– TNCS (Token Name Certification Service) pre-launch;

Q4 2019 – User Growth & Tech

– Expansion into new industry category;
– Algo-pool pre-launch;

PlatformSeparate blockchain
TypeNative token
Price1 XDB = 0.00003 ETH
Tokens For Sale100,000,000,000
Restriction AreaUSA, Singapore, Cayman, China, North Korea, Congo, Erit, Iran, Libya, Somali, Sudan, Yemen, Syria
Accepting:ETH, BTC
Average Rating: 3.7


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