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Carmel ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Carmel Token / Coin?

IChris is a 40 year old father who has the type of job that can be easily replaced by robots. What keeps Chris up at night is the thought that soon, he might lose his job and not be able to provide for his family. There are many people like Chris out there, holding down jobs that are at risk with the rise of AI machines. Robots are well on their way to replace 30% of UK jobs by the early 2030s and 38% of US jobs, as research by PWC shows in a recent report. Robots are changing the future of work as we know it. Any job that can be done by a robot, will be done by a robot, whether we like it or not.So what does that mean for millions of people who are at risk today? It means that they have to learn new skills, that will give them new job opportunities in the new AI-dominated marketplace. It means that they have to get the kind of education that will help them hit the ground running fast and start a new career as soon as humanly possible. A future-proof career. A career that will not easily be replaced by robots and one that will create ample opportunities for a better future. What better way to survive in the tech world, than to become a Professional Software Developer? While non-technical jobs will disappear, demand for Software Developers will continue to grow according to a report by the World Economic Forum. In the new tech-dominated era, the best career choice is to become a tech creator. One of those few people who not only survives but thrives in a tech world.

Price: 1.0000 USD
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Dan Calinescu
Start: 2018-08-13
End: 2018-10-22
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Initial Carmel Studio Launch

Release Objective: LAUNCH THE STUDIO. Get the Carmel Studio (Desktop App) out as a functional native app for Windows, Mac and Linux. This first version will be limited but it will introduce the concept of the Carmel Toolbox and will have an initial integration with the host operating system for opening tools such as the Terminal, as well as installing tools.

First Functional Carmel Challenge

Release Objective: FIRST FUNCTIONAL CHALLENGE. Allow leaners to download the first Carmel Challenge and take it inside the Carmel Studio.

Temporary (ERC20) CARMEL Token Launch

Release Objective: TEMPORARY (ERC20) CARMEL TOKEN LAUNCH. Launch the Ethereum ERC20 Temporary CARMEL token.

Carmel Mobile iOS & Android Launch

Release Objective: CARMEL MOBILE IOS & ANDROID LAUNCH. Publish the initial version of mobile apps to the Apple AppStore and to the Google Play Store.

Official EOS CARMEL Token Launch

Release Objective: OFFICIAL EOS CARMEL TOKEN LAUNCH. Deploy the EOS Dapp to the EOS Mainnet and officially offer native CARMEL EOS payments.

Initial Chunky Intelligent Guide Prototype

Release Objective: INITIAL CHUNKY INTELLIGENT GUIDE PROTOTYPE. Launch an early prototype of the Chunky Guide that helps Carmel Learners during their Learning Journey.

Carmel 1.0-Beta Release

Release Objective: CARMEL 1.0 BETA RELEASE. Freeze all major features and open up the platform to public functional testing.

Official Carmel 1.0 Public Launch

Release Objective: OFFICIAL 1.0 LAUNCH. The fully functional platform, including the Web App, Mobile App, Desktop App and the EOS Dapp. Migrated to EOS and fully operational.

Price1.0000 USD
Tokens For Sale42,000,000
Restriction AreaNone
Accepting:EOS, ETH, Fiat
Soft Cap8,000,000 USD
Hard Cap30,000,000 USD
Average Rating: 2.9


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