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Bitwin 2.0 ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Bitwin 2.0 Token / Coin?

From sports betting to live casino gaming, blockchain will undeniably have a huge impact on online gambling business. Cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook soon expands its range of products to decentralized versions, contributing to the next-level entertainment and previously uncharted functionalities. The blockchain update of the platform is called Bitwin 2.0 and will be used with Bitwin Token (BWT).

Price: 0.0980 USD
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Bartłomiej Bulda
Start: 2019-01-15
End: 2019-04-15
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An MVP part of our project is the first and most crucial one. During the course of this phase we will focus on launching a basic gaming content and a usable random number generator responsible for provable fairness of the games. At the same time, Bitwin Team will develop foundations for payment channels within the platform.

Objectives :

Developing basic gaming content running entirely on Ethereum blockchain as a PoC of the platform consisting of :

Slot Games

Random Number Generator productive use.
Establishing the Bitwin Network payment channels based on Micro Raiden solution for a productive environment.

Phase 1

Carrying out Phase 1 will begin as soon as an MVP phase ends successfully. With it, two distinctive elements of the Bitwin ecosystem will be developed. Firstly, a Game Developers Kit consisting of all the game development tools and middleware necessary for the creation and adoption of games into the platform. Secondly, a sportsbook with Bitwin Vault as one of the pillars, which sole purpose will be to provide liquidity for sportsbook in the first 6 months.

Objectives :

Game Developers Kit – launch of a beta version available for testing by community members.

Sportsbook with Bitwin Vault – an implementation of the FansUnite Sportsbook solution within our platform.

Phase 2

In the second phase, our main goal is to proceed from the beta version of Game Developers Kit by starting a fully functional Game Developers Community system that allows for submission of the game project into our Queue, where users can play with Play Money to test the game and vote for their favourites with BWT tokens. Secondly, while putting finishing touches to the Developers Community system, Bitwin developers team will be simultaneously working on a set of additional games for the platform.

Objectives :

Game Developers Community – transition from a beta version of the Game Developers Kit to launching a functional community.

Additional slot and table games for the platform from Bitwin Team.

Phase 3

The goal of the third and final phase of our project is to launch a Global Jackpot which connects the network of blockchain slot games run by multiple Bitwin platform operators and accumulates a percentage of winnings into one, truly enormous jackpot.

Objectives :

Launch of the Global Jackpot.
Licensing Platform to other operators.

Price0.0980 USD
Tokens For Sale247,500,000
Restriction AreaUSA, China, North Korea
Min. Investment:20 USD
Accepting:BTC, ETH, LTC
Soft Cap1320000 USD
Hard Cap18,500,000 USD
Average Rating: 4.2


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