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What is Market Place Token / Coin?

BIT.TEAM – is a platform for direct (P2P) user to user exchange of cryptocurrency, acting as guarantor of the transaction security.BIT.TEAM is developed by the WALLBTC team – experienced developers of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchangers in the CIS. Every day we communicate with thousands of people from the crypto community and many of them talk about the lack of a product that would solve the task of simplicity of use, while remaining reliable and fast way to buy/sell the cryptocurrency. The BIT.TEAM project appeared primarily as a solution of the tasks faced daily by millions of crypto traders and investors around the world.BIT.TEAM Token sales is an opportunity for a huge number of people to become part of a large platform. Each user will have an opportunity to receive bonuses when purchasing tokens. New customers may work on the platform already in the period of Alfa and Beta, and for platform partners this opportunity is open from the first day. It is possible because the funds are collected not for creation of the platform, but for its future development. As you can see, the product is already created and used by users. It becomes much easier to acquire tokens when you can assess the potential of the platform by yourself, and also when you can use this potential at the present moment. So, the opportunity to participate in development of the platform appears from the very beginning.

Price: 1.0000 USD
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Start: 2018-06-01
End: 2019-01-29
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March – May 2018

Backend works, adding new pairs, improving
the mechanism of the exchange.
Improvement of the exchange service
Drawing drafts of the future application
design for all platforms.
Market analysis.
Preparation of marketing strategy.
Preparation of a development plan and
scaling of the service.
Market analysis.

June – August 2018

Private start of service for the owners of
BIT.TEAM tokens (the withdrawal of earned
crypto currency to the platform and the
opportunity to sell.
Testing and improvement of the service
Expansion of the platform functionality.
Development of the financial and security
Development of IT infrastructure.
Development of cross-platform applications.
for access to the decentralized wallet for
digital assets managing.

September – December 2018

Open beta testing of the project and
created applications, the removal of exploits
and bugs.
Improvement and elimination of all defects
found out during the alpha and beta stages.
Preparation of promotional materials for
the promotion of the exchange.
Creation and beginning of active promotion
of social groups, branches on forums,
YouTube channel and other types of Internet

October – December 2018

The official opening of the service, the
launch of active advertising.
Attraction of large players for trading on
the site.

End of ICOQ1 2019

Providing examples of the successful
operation of the service.
The future development of the platform,
the expansion of its functionality.

Price1.0000 USD
Tokens For Sale75,000,000
Accepting:BTC, ETH, LTC
Hard Cap62000000 USD
Average Rating: 2.8


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