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Assetereum ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

What is Assetereum Token / Coin?

Assetereum is a token backed by assets that give it a real intrinsic value. Our token is a store of value (crypto asset) and not just a transfer of value (crypto currency). We diversifying our investments into six key areas we also mitigate risks to our assets and token holders.By re-investing profits back into these assets this not only generates growth, it also increases our tokens intrinsic value.

Price: 2263 ASET = 1 ETH
Average Rating
Andreas Papaiacovou
Start: 2018-03-01
End: 2018-05-09
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01st Mar 2018

ICO Token Sale Begins.

09th May 2018

ICO Token Sale Completes.

10th May 2018

Acquisition of my Discount Shop.

17th May 2018

Acquisition of Utilico Energy.

01st June 2018

Property fund begins trading.

14th June 2018

Crypto mining begins.

21st June 2018

Crypto Trading Begins.

1st July 2018

Assetereum Exchange Opens.

14th July 2018

ASET listing in global exchanges.

Price2263 ASET = 1 ETH
Tokens For Sale150,000,000
Accepting:ETH, BTC
Soft Cap10,000,000 ASET
Hard Cap150,000,000 ASET
Average Rating: 3.5

3 reviews for Assetereum

  1. Whistle Blower

    It Seems That
    “My Discount Shop”
    Formerly E-Conomize Is Gone…

    Assestereum (with money we invested or bought using MDS/E-conomize shares, basicly money made from the iCO) bought MDS from Andy Pap For An Undisclosed Amount. Then handed the companys over to some other guy to run as CEO.

    So While Andy Is Off Sunning him self with his nice profit (That he only got thru forcing us to sell our shares for his worthless Coin) We Are All Out Of Pocket With ShitCoin Token Because Without The assets, The Coin Is Worthless Right???

    Can anybody else make heads or tails of this bulshit situation I mean thousands of people have been ripped off yet every one seems to still think assetereum is going to pay out.

    U cant even sell more than 100 of there tokens at a time. They the excuse that this is a long term investment…

    Surely we should ne the judge of when we take our money out… right?

    Too many broken promises too many contractual things not done.

    Guys just a heads up if you see the name Andy pap on any business model no matter how good it looks STAY WELL CLEAR….

    I’ll be speaking with my solicitors tomorrow not only for investors that are going to lose thousands of pounds but for the members of economize / MDS that were coerced into selling their shares with the promises and guarantees of getting their money back plus huge Returns Returns on their money.

    Class Action Law Suit is coming And we will Bring Those Responsible To Justice!

  2. dao37broadband

    You are completely right. On the 30/11/2018 Assetereum International Ltd has entered administration. Got an email to say so.

  3. peter odonnell

    A total rip off backed by snooker stars. Ive had no email to say they are gone, and cant get onto their website.
    Previously when I did get on, there was no option to sell that worked. They never replied to one email I sent them.
    I,m just wondering why those responsible have not been arrested. Makes you think someone in the police/legal/establishment/ were involved.
    This is the only website I have come across that gives the tiniest bit of information.
    I didnt lose much, but thats not the point , how is it that people like snookers stars back this and then get away with it, not to mention the crooks that ran it.

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